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    Dadang Naser Reviews Floods in Rancaekek


    BANDUNG-The flooding that inundated more than 200 homes owned by residents of RW 09 at Rancabatok Village in Rancaekek Wetan, Bandung Regent was reviewed directly by H. Dadang M. Naser, SH., S.Ip., M.Ipol on Tuesday (23/2). In this review, Dadang Naser gave assistance some foods to a number of residents.

    Floods that hit Rancabatok village has been occured since Monday afternoon (22/2) caused by the overflow from Cikeruh River after the heavy rains upstream arounds Sumedang District.

    Besides Rancaekek Wetan, the overflows of Cikeruh river was also inundated Rancaekek Kulon village and Bojongloa. Rancaekek Wetan Village Chief, Eman Sulaiman, SH mentioned the three causes of floods in this village was starting from the narrowing of the river flow, sedimentation and landfill waste in several points. "For the solution, we begged to be given assistance of water pumps size 6 PK to suck up water when the floods come. It can also be used to irrigate the fields. So it's multifunctional," said Eman Sulaiman.

    Meanwhile, the head of BPBDs (Regional Disaster Management Agency) Bandung regency H. Tata Irawan, S. Ip said it has been sending assistance the water pump 3 PK sized to village which has been often flooded. "This assistance is in accordance with the demand of each village, even some villages have been given facilities of wooden boat for evacuation the flood victims," said Tata.

    Bandung Regent H. Dadang M. Naser, SH., S.Ip., M.Ipol revealed the authority to normalise of the Cikeruh river flow was handled by BBWS. According to H. Dadang M. Naser, Bandung regional govt has asked BBWS for immediately handling Cikeruh River so that floodwaters can be minimised.

    Especially to people who were living near the river, H. Dadang M. Naser requested them to participate by not throwing garbage into the river. It was emphasised when he reviewed floods location in Rancaekek Kulon. He concerned about the large amounts of waste that stuck in the mouth of the bridge which is causing the river to overflow into the road surface.

    In handling the flow of Cikeruh, BBWS has made land acquisition in several places. Through this effort expected that widening and dredging activities in Cikeruh River could be done immediately. "We expect Cikeruh River dredging can be done as soon as possible, so that the floods could be resolved,"  H. Dadang M. Naser pleased.


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