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    3rd Public Debate of West Java Governor Election, Brotherhood needs to be put forward


    Bandung - The spirit of brotherhood and relationship needs to be put forward. The values of life are more than anything else. Do not let power be achieved above the suffering of others. It was raised in the preparation of public debate preparation meeting of the 3 pairs of Candidates for Governor and Vice Governor of West Java at the Plenary Meeting Room West Java KPU Garut Street No. 11 Bandung, Wednesday (25/5).

    Besides being followed by commissioners and structural officials of West Java KPU, the activity was also attended by West Java Police Chief of Police Brig. Supratman, Head of Kabinda, representative of Pangdam III Siliwangi, Rindu pair candidate, represented by Uu Ruhzanul Ulum, Hasanah's pair candidate represented by Anton Charliyan, Asyik pair candidate attended by Sudrajat-Ahmad Syaikhu and Deddy-Dedi's pair candidate.

    According to the Head of West Java KPU Yayat Hidayat, the experience of the second public debate became a lesson in which the spirit of togetherness was unshakeable.

    "I feel reugreug (calm), because the concept of political tourism is still relevant," he said.

    The same thing was also delivered West Java Police Chief Brig. Gen. Supratman. He called the atmosphere of conducive in West Java not apart from the role of the pair candidate is able to maintain the relationship and instill a good understanding to the supporters.

    "Do not because of the election, we do not say anything," he said.

    Meanwhile, West Java Kabinda Dedi Agus Purwanto is determined to provide support to realize security together.

    The pair candidate who was present also agreed to maintain harmony and togetherness. The commitment is set forth in the Charter of the Joint Agreement, which among other things contains a statement of maintaining conduciveness, maintaining security and order, conducting campaigns on the remainder of the campaign politely, orderly, educational, wise and civilized, not provocative, and participate in third public debate activities according to orderly determined by West Java KPU.

    However, pair candidate in general also asks the KPU to make detailed themes and materials, not face each other candidates, clarity of advertisements on TV and newspapers, more comfortable debating buildings, longer duration for art performances, and expectations of Bawaslu's perception of similarity to the level panwascam.

    According to the plan, the third public debate will still expose and explore the vision, mission, and paslon program in order to advance the region, improve the welfare of the people, improve public services, and solve the problems of regional development. But until now the place has not been determined for sure. (Even)

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