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    Asian Games Venue in West Java Still Need Improvement


    BANDUNG-Toward the 2018 Asian Games to be held in August 2018, a number of venues will be used in West Java still needs refinement, ranging from road improvements, traffic cone setup, to water quality restoration in Bendung Rentang.

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa, said that from the 12th meeting on the preparation for the 2018 Asian Games in West Java, the 4 km road in Subang district for the mountain bike sports venue should be improved and needed funds.

    "The 4km village road still needs to be repaired and Subang Regency can only allocate Rp 600 million," said Iwa after presiding over the coordination meeting of the Asian Games preparation at Gedung Sate on Friday (18/5) .

    Coordinated with Binamarga and Spatial Planning of West Java Province Office, a proposal that also contains budget plans made Subang Regency Government, lived submitted to a number of companies.

    Iwa said cycling and road race sports still require 500 traffic cones. Procurement of this tool will be done by borrowing 500 traffic cone Transportation Department of West Java Province.

    "We can use the traffic cone which is usually used for the homecoming event, when we use the event first, then when the homecoming needs are used for homecoming, and when the implementation of the Asian Games can be used for road race and cycling matches," he said.

    Another thing that must be taken care of, he said, connection to the installation of electricity to Wibawamukti Stadium in Bekasi. Iwa said he would coordinate the matter to the Bekasi Regent to complete the electricity installation. If already installed, renovation of repair by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing can be done.

    The Center for Drug and Food Control and the Provincial Health Office of West Java, he said, will also be required to oversee the production and distribution of food and beverages for athletes, officials and spectators.

    "Do not let athletes and officials get diarrhea, including eating snacks for viewers, will be supervised, traders around the venue will be examined the food conditions, both production and distribution of food," he said.

    West Java provincial government also, he said, will launch the process of tax exemption billboard and spectacle tax for the Asian Games in West Java. Thus, various forms of billboards, branding, and tickets will be tax free.

    At least seven districts of the city in West Java will be involved in the Asian Games, including Bandung, Bandung Regency, Subang Regency, Majalengka District, Bekasi Regency, Bekasi City, and Bogor Regency. (Even)

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