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    Fasting 20 Hours, Aher and Entourage Complete Early Work Visitation


    TUNISIA-Passing the continent of different zoning time in the global work visit, the group of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) fasted for approximately 20 hours.

    Head of Publication of West Java Provincial Government Ade Sukalsah said entourage on the plane from Indonesia to Tunisia on Wednesday (05/16/2018) night.

    "Breaking the fast in the local country (Tunisia, red) on Thursday (17/5/18) is at 19:22 means we fast for about 16 hours. It will be almost 20 hours if it adds up to the total time by passing through various zones, traveling on the plane only 14 hours from Cengkareng to Tunisia, "he said from Tunis on Friday (18/05/2018).

    According to him, although much longer than regular fasting time in the country, the Governor of West Java and the entourage to go through it all with enjoy and without complaints.

    Similarly, the wife of the Governor, Netty Heryawan, who also underwent all the same as in Indonesia. Moreover the current temperature in Tunis is 20 degrees and cloudy, almost equal to the climate of Bandung.

    "Because the most important, from the agenda of this work visit, some have been achieved. Such a good response from the parties in Tunisia, ranging from the Tunisian government to businesses. The response we received well after meeting directly received an invitation from Tunisia's Minister for Development, Investment and Cooperation. Similarly, when the courtesy call received directly Tunisia Prime Minister, Youssep Chahed, at his residence, "he added.

    Ade explained that the good response, among others, when Governor Aher together West Java Chamber of Commerce has been exploring investment cooperation with Tunisia. It was revealed in a business meeting with the Tunisian businessmen at the Movenpick Hotel, Tunis, Friday (18/5), at 10 am local time.

    The meeting lasted for 2 hours beginning with the exposure of performance and economic potential of Tunisia presented by several representatives of entrepreneurs. Followed by the exposure of Governor Aher along with Chamber of Commerce that describes the actual condition of West Java as well as a review of import export cooperation that has been going on between West Java and Tunisia.

    "We are happy today's meeting with the Tunisian businessmen is very intimate, each party is committed to strengthen the cooperation that has been going on until now," said Aher to PR Jabar.

    Known data from the Office West Java Industry and Trade that the realization of exports of goods from West Java to Tunisia currently worth 731,448 dollars, including manufacturing, chocolate, medical devices, optical, and furniture.

    Ade said, the entourage also felt a mild journey undertaken because there are many similarities when then discussed the sister province cooperation plan between West Java Province and Tunisia.

    "We ask for further fluency for the next working visit in Saudi Arabia. Scheduled a meeting with Emir Madinah, Emir Mecca and the Consulate General of Jeddah to discuss the progress of Al Jabbar Mosque and West Java Provincial Cooperation with Asmaul Husna Museum in Madinah and Assalamualaika Ayyuhan Nabi Museum in Mecca, "he concluded.

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