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    Cibeet Reservoir Will Become National Strategic Project


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government asked the center to enter the Cibeet Reservoir project, Bogor is included in the National Strategic Project (PSN).

    According to the Regional West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa, Cibeet reservoir worth entering PSN given the support of West Java provincial government and Bogor Regency to speed up the land acquisition and administration is very strong. Not to mention when talking the scale of the benefits of reservoirs that can control 70% of the floods in the region.

    "This is one of the most prepared reservoir projects, so it is worth entering PSN," he said.

    Iwa said the development progress of the reservoir that will become flood controller in Bekasi and Karawang Industrial Estate includes fast process done by River Citarum River Basin (BBWS).

    "There needs to be a step to accelerate, therefore we will recommend this to PSN," he said when contacted by journalists www.jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (22/5).

    Currently based on BBWS Citarum, this project is entering the process of dam certification and physical test model. In addition, the process of environmental impact analysis (AMDAL) and Larap (Land Acquisition and Resettlement Action Plan) are being processed.

    "Amdal is at the Environment Agency, incidentally his officials are also held by the Head of Water Resources Management Department, can be quick," he said.

    BBWS party according to him has completed the document Details Engineering Design (DED) in 2017 ago. Iwa predicts if the activities in the budget year 2018 can be completed according to schedule and the proposal of PSN incoming then the acceleration in the auction stage can be held.

    "If it is finished then the physical implementation can be done in 2019," he explained.

    With a reservoir capacity of 60 million cubic meters, the reservoir can drain 5 cubic meters of raw water. For irrigation, irrigated rice fields reach 1900 hectares, while controlled floods can reach 1200 cubic meters. "This reservoir can also be encouraged to be built SPAM to meet the interests of water not only industrial areas but other regions," he said.

    BBWS Citarum own party to ensure Director General of PSDA Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) targets infrastructure auction Cibeet Reservoir located in Cariu, Bogor can be held early 2019.

    Head of BBWS Citarum Yudha Mediawan said it is currently focusing on completion of the Larap document that will be the basis of land acquisition. Also important is the certification process and physical test model.

    "This is important because there must be a certification from the dam security commission," he said.

    The final completion of Amdal documents being processed in West Java Provincial Government. Yudha admitted this process is all running and does not experience obstacles then the target of infrastructure auction in 2019 can be achieved.

    "All this process is running, if smooth all 2019 can already a physical auction," he explained.

    Yudha admitted there was a change in the scale of the reservoir that is now increasingly large capacity up to 60 million cubic meters. With a capacity of 5 cubic meters per second, this reservoir can serve the PDAM in the area of Bekasi-Karawang in addition to flow into the industrial area.

    "It can also control flooding in the downstream area, Muara Gembong and surrounding areas," he said. (even)

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