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    Tarawih Circumference in Police Headquarter, Secretary of West Java Submit Fisabilillah Fund


    BANDUNG - This time Al-Aman mosque West Java Police Headquarter on Soekarno-Hatta Street Bandung, Monday (21/05/2018), who visited West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa in order tarawih circumference (tarling).

    In tarawih around the safari Ramadhan 1439 Hijriah, Iwa not only carries out Shariat Isya and Tarawih congregation, but also handed over the funds of fisabilillah and the poor as much as Rp. 25 million, from the West Java Provincial Government and West Java Baznas.

    "So it is not just around but there are impacts or traces where we visit," Iwa said after the donation received by Chairman of DKM Masjid Al-Aman West Java Police Headquarter.

    Iwa explained that the use of the funds was left entirely to DKM Masjid as its management.

    "What is certain for the operational needs of the mosque and also the compensation of orphans and the poor," he said.

    Iwa Karniwa besides present as West Java Secretary in tarawih around it also as Plh. Governor of West Java, because Ahmad Heryawan as Governor of West Java is doing a trip overseas. (Even)

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