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    Here are some South Bandung Flood Handling Projects


    BANDUNG - Overcoming the flood that often struck the basin of Bandung, West Java Provincial Government along with River Basin Center (BBWS) Citarum accelerate the construction of six projects along the Citarum River.

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa said to overcome the floods that often struck Rancaekek Highway, BBWS Citarum is working on three river projects, namely: upstream Cikeruh River, Cikijing River, and Cimande River.

    "To increase Cimande's capacity is already 16.80 percent, the Cikijing River has increased by 7.18 percent, and the Cikeruhhilir River is increasing, irrigation has started," Iwa said after the coordination meeting at Gedung Sate, Monday (21/5).

    The fourth project underway is the upgrading of Upper Citarum River Capacity in Majalaya District of Bandung Regency. This project is still in the land acquisition stage or still zero percent so it must be accelerated.

    The fifth project is the construction of flood way Cisangkuy River in Bandung regency. Package 1 has been done 17.36 percent, and workmanship flood way Cisangkuy River package 2 has reached 19.28 percent. This flood way will reduce flooding in Pameungpeuk, Dayeuhkolot, and Baleendah area in Bandung regency.

    Significant work, he said, it is the construction of the sixth project, Cieunteung Lake Retention in Baleendah. The construction process is already 67.72 percent. This retention lake was built to solve the annual flood problem in Baleendah.

    "If the development of Cieunteung is only 8 hectares, it will not be enough to overcome the flood, so through the direction of the minister, directed to build a tunnel around Curug Jompong," he said.

    All tunnel or tunnel development requirements in Curug Jompong, he said, have passed all the requirements, including environmental impact analysis or environmental impact analysis. Now the construction has reached Rp. 5.74 percent.

    "We will give a letter of support to the minister to allocate the budget for land acquisition in Bandung Basin, it takes Rp 647 billion," he said.

    Iwa said of the figure, already provided Rp. 400 billion. While in 2018, will be budgeted Rp. 150 billion. This budgeting should be done immediately considering the development of Upper Citarum is still zero percent due to constrained land acquisition.

    On the occasion, also discussed the flood that often befall Melong area in Cimahi City. Iwa said Cimahi City has budgeted the normalization of the river to overcome the flood, stay back together with the Government of Bandung regency. (Even)

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