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    Jalak Harupat is Ready Facing Asian Games XVIII Year 2018


    BANDUNG REGENCY- Facing Asean Games XVIII which was held on 18 August, Secretary of Region (Sekda) of West Java. H. Iwa Karniwa, S.E.Ak., M.M., CA., PIA, Head of Department of Youth and Sports (Dispora) West Java. H. Yudha Munajat Saputra and Bandung Regent H. Dadang M. Naser, S.H., S.Ip., M.Ip conducted venue monitoring at the Harupat Harapan Stadium (SJH) Stadium Soreang, Thursday (24/5).

    Iwa revealed Jalak Harupat Stadium is ready for use in the biggest sporting event in Asia.

    "Until May 23, the realization of progress has reached 50.3% of 56.2% progress plan. Insha Allah, on the day of implementation later SJH Stadium ready to use, "said Iwa.

    In the renovation, Iwa revealed a deviation of about 5.9%. "Deviation or delay caused by not yet the arrival of some goods, one of them lights. According to the information the equipment will arrive at Tanjung Priok on May 29 and for installation we are targeting to be completed by seven June, "he added.

    The renovation focused on four things, namely main field, match area, audience area, dressing room and official area (OA).

    "The grass planting was completed at the end of March yesterday, and it is currently in the process of intensification and maintenance of grass. For goal post and corner flag pole has been installed, "explained Secretary.

    For the area of the audience itself will be made friendly to the disabled. "We will reposition as many as 700 seats for the disability. For other supporting facilities we provide turnstiles (turnstiles), e-ticketing, leaked tribune, also repair and replacement of seats, "he added.

    Iwa is optimistic that the renovation will be completed on July 18, 2018. "The remaining time is only 56 days away. However, after monitoring we are optimistic that the renovation will be completed on time, "added Iwa.

    West Java Secretary also added, it plans to provide facilities to practice not far from the location of SJH. "West Java provincial government plans to prepare Sports Facilities (SOR) Arcamanik, ITB or UNPAD as an additional facility to train the players who will compete later," he concluded.

    On the same occasion, the Regent of Bandung believes there are no serious obstacles. "Obstacles only occur on the maintenance of grass. But alhamdulillah, these days it's often rainy so it can help the process of watering the grass, "said the number one man in Bandung regency.

    In addition, Dadang Naser also invites the community to prepare for the event that will be attended by 45 countries. "Bandung Regency Government will continue to socialize to the public to prepare for the Asian Games event," said Kang DN familiar greeting Regent Bandung.

    Kang DN also asked residents of Bandung Regency to be able to take advantage of the event for the event of creative economy. "In addition to being a good host and sportsman, I hope people can also be creative to improve the economy in Bandung regency," said Regent of Bandung. (Public Relations of Bandung Regency Government)

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