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    Historycal Flight, Aher's Regret Can Not Gratitude Prostration on the Platform


    MAJALENGKA - Finally the gratitude event of West Java International Airport BIJB Kertajati Majalengka District can be used with theme Historycal Flight is done on Thursday afternoon (24/05/2018).

    Precisely at 16:15 hrs The first aircraft from Batik Air airline landed smoothly on a glazed black-tiled BIJB runway. The plane was carrying groups from various parties such as heads of departments, businessmen and public passengers. While the second plane from Garuda airline landing precisely at 16:45 pm which brings West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, Mrs. Netty and entourage, including the famous da'i Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym.

    "Alhamdulillah landed smoothly, as well as we are here," Aher told reporters and welcome teams shortly after exiting the plane door through the tunnel aisle.

    But there is one moment that finally can not be implemented. Originally Aher dropped from the door of the plane to the apron platform or aircraft parking lot and would do prostration of gratitude. However, due to the exit through the passageway, the prostration of gratitude on the runway is canceled.

    "It's nice that when we get off the plane, we are prostrate on the foundation upon completion and can use this airport, but that's okay if the gratitude can be done anywhere" he said. Then Aher and entourage directly to the event on the 3rd floor BIJB terminal and break the fast together.

    BIJB is not finished 100%, but technically it can be used. Even according to Managing Director of PT BIJB Virda Dimas, on June 8, the second largest airport in Indonesia has started to serve commercial flights. (Even)

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