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    Retention Ponds and Floating Mosque Project 24 Hour


    BANDUNG-West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa ensures the Al Jabbar Mosque and Retention Ponds project, Gedebage, Bandung is increasingly accelerated to meet the target time.

    Iwa said the two projects became one of the concentrations of the West Java provincial government given the allocated budget is very high "We monitor the acceleration in the field considering the future of these two projects will be very beneficial to the city of Bandung," he said when visiting the project site on Thursday (17/05/2018 ).

    The retention pond built by the Citarum River Basin (BBWS) worth Rp 96 billion is the first location to be visited, currently showing significant physical progress. "From the project executor report until May the physical realization has reached 60% of the target of 56% so there is a surplus," he said.

    The work of making a pond which is planned to be a flood controller in the area as well as the alleged Masjid Raya Al Jabbar is currently according to Iwa is accelerated through the addition of working hours. "The work is done from various sides, Alhamdulillah the current weather is very supportive," he explained.

    But there are still about 11 plots of land with an area of ??less than 4 hectares at the project site which is currently not yet released. West Java Governor Plh claimed it had prepared the budget while the District Gedebage and the National Land Agency (BPN) complete the land acquisition administration.

    "The target of this land affairs can be completed this month as well, our task is to push the BPN with supporting data one of them a copy of the copy of the application for determination of the location of Gedebage retention pond," he explained.

    With this positive condition Iwa ensure that the project will accommodate 210,000 cubic meters of water can be completed as scheduled December 2018. "There are few constraints on the land but we will definitely be resolved, the funds are in the Office of Highways and Spatial Planning," he said.

    As for the project Great Mosque of Al Jabbar or better known as the Floating Mosque, Iwa rates has shown a much better development than the previous three months. "Usually its deviation can minus 10% now only minus 4%," he said.

    According to him, the predicted weather has entered the dry season, causing the contractor of PT Wika Gedung to boost the physical work that has started the stages of pile construction up to the foundation foundation. "Work can be done up to 24 hours, stop only for prayer, breaking the fast, after tarawih can be done again until dawn," he explained.

    With the occupation of his party optimistic deficit minus in early May this could be positive in June. "The most that must be prepared is related to the preparation of steel and glass import quotas from now because their needs are quite large, so when the October order is installed the goods already exist," he said.

    In the same place head of West Java Bina Marga and Spatial Planning M Guntoro said the project handled it in cooperation with BBWS Citarum showed a positive development and expected to be completed end of the year. "Hopefully by the end of December, the pool and mosque will be finished together," he said.

    In 2018 it has budgeted Rp100 billion for land acquisition. However, since there is still a need for remaining land in the retention ponds and floating mosque projects, it will budget in Regional Budget Expenditure 2018. "The budget for the land of approximately Rp 33 billion will be budgeted in the future," he said.

    The contractor Wika Gedung explained that the Rp 511 billion mosque project has entered the stage of ironing where foundation is targeted to be completed this week. "There is a 100-point installation of stakes but while we stop because it is doing casting, there should be no vibration," he said.

    The contractor also installed tower cranes to facilitate material movement traffic, planned two tower cranes to be re-installed in order to accelerate physical work which now reaches 36%. (Even)

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