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    Aher Netty Underwent First Meal on the plane


    DOHA-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan underwent his first meal on the plane on his way to Tunisia to meet the invitation of the Tunisian Minister of Development, Investment and Cooperation

    Aher and his wife, Netty Heryawan, depart with the provincial and West Java Chamber of Trade and Industry  troupe, on Wednesday (17/5/19) morning from Cengkareng. The delegation included Economic Development Assistant of West Java Provincial Government Eddy Nasution and Chairman of West Java Chamber of Trade and Industry Agung Suryamal Sutrisno.

    According to Aher's plan will be received by the Minister on Friday (18/5/19) at 09.00 local time. In the afternoon courtesy call will be received directly by Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, and in the evening the entourage will also be accepted by Ambassador to Tunisia, Y.M. Ikrar Nusa Bakti. The agenda to be discussed is all related to the sister province cooperation plan between West Java province with Sousse and exploring the possibility of West Java to invest in Tunisia.

    "To Tunisia we will discuss sister province and investment. This means a long journey of about 14 hours, the time for the inaugural fast will be spent on the plane, my wife and I will be the first meal also on the plane," said Aher told West Java Public Relations team during transit at Doha, on Thursday (17/05/19) local time.

    West Java Step in the last two years active in establishing foreign cooperation with many outside partners, in the end get special attention from Tunisia. Through his letter some time ago, Tunisia invited West Java Governor and West Java Chamber of Trade and Industry to try out the investment cooperation in the olive country.

    "The overseas cooperation framework that has been built so far is with the sister province scheme, it enables the whole pattern of cooperation from economics, education to agriculture to grow far, mutually beneficial and have a strong legal umbrella," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, although not yet have a business portfolio in Tunisia, but the Chairman of West Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry very welcomed the invitation to invest in Tunisia. "West Java entrepreneurs welcome this invitation, we assess this is a good sign there is a progressive government invites entrepreneurs, we will explore the feasibility aspects later," said Agung Suryamal.

    West Java cooperation with Tunisia is also possible in handicraft shipments, West Java craft potential can be offered to enter Tunisia through the gate of Kertajati Airport. Related to that, Netty Heryawan who is also the Chairman of the Board of National Studies (Regions) West Java National Craft Council said that the sister province scheme is very good to make the West Java handicraft superior as a sweetener to enter the region of North Africa is known exotic and quite developed in the tourism sector. "The Tunisian Tourism is pretty good, it's a good sign for our craft to get in here," Netty said.

    The visit in Tunisia was short for 2 days, and the next 4 days the Aher troupe will visit Madinah, Mecca and Jeddah, in addition to performing Umrah pilgrims have also been scheduled to also meet with Emir Madinah, Emir Mecca and Consulate General of Jeddah to discuss the progress of Al Jabbar Mosque and West Java Province with Asmaul Husna Museum in Medina and Museum Assalamualaika Ayyuhan Prophet cooperation in Mecca.

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