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    Price of Rice in West Java Still Stable


    BANDUNG-Perum Bulog continues to increase rice stock from farmers. Currently the stock of rice in Bulog warehouse is sufficient for 7 months in the future. Head of West Java Bulog Sugit Tedjo said if the purchase of rice and unhulled rice from farmers is still ongoing, and will likely increase again in June because there is a second stage of harvest.

    "Last April the harvest, this May descent, but in June there will be another harvest, we maximize the purchase," he said in his office Sukarno Hatta Street, Bandung. Sugit Tedjo said some districts in West Java average medium-grade rice prices are still around 8 thousand-an-per-kilogram.

    "In Cirebon even under 8 thousand per kilogram for medium rice, whereas Bulog alone sells 8,450 per kilogram," he said. But he acknowledged if the stabilization of food prices is still not optimal, especially in urban areas. He pointed out, Bandung, the price of rice is still high, above the bulog price.

    "The city of Bandung is still above 8,450 per kilogram. But we will continue to do market operations so the price can be cheaper, especially before Ramadan, "he explained. He affirmed the market operation activity by pouring the traditional rice market continues to be done to maintain the stability of rice prices. Jo

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