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    300 Blind in West Java Receive the Digital Braille Al-Quran


    BANDUNG-A total of 300 people with visual impairment (tuna netra) in West Java get assistance in the form of Braille Al-Quran. Braille Al-Quran was given in the form of digital or electronic device called Al-Quran Digital Index Braille.

    Yayasan Baitul Al-Khairiyah Bandung in cooperation with Al-Dawli Kuwait International Bank through the International Islamic Charitable, The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung and Indonesian Dentists Association Cimahi gave Al-Quran through CSR program entitled "Sharing Wakaf Al-Quran Digital Index Braille". Additionally, an event held at Trans Grand Ballroom, The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, Jl. Gatot Subroto Bandung on (22/2) was also held free dental examinations for the blind.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar who attended the event expressed gratitude and high appreciation to the relevant parties for the assistance of Al-Quran Digital Braille were given to the blind in West Java.

    According to him, it is a real effort to provide equal opportunities to persons with visual impairment in order to study the revelations of God contained in the Qur'an as a guide to the human.

    "We must have a strong passion for improving our interaction with the Al-Quran. All limitations should not be obstacle for us to pick up the guidance of Allah SWT. However, the spirit of togetherness in promoting faith in each individual must always be inflamed," said Vice Governor.

    Vice Governor also added that the presence of Al-Quran in Braille Digital is one of the breakthroughs in bringing equality for persons with visual impairment in order to study and read the Al-Quran. "I think this is one of the breakthroughs in equality through technology for the blind in order to learn Al-Quran with digital braille," said Vice Governor after the ceremony.

    "It needs to be socialised. Even though there are 300 tools it doesn't mean there are 300 people only who can use this tool, but others can use this tool also," added Vice Governor after the event to the media.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Foundation Nadia Al-Khairiyah Bawazir revealed that the presence of Al-Auran Digital Braille can help the blind to improve their worship to Allah SWT.

    "With the provision of free braille Quran, we hope it can assist and enable them to undergo and complete devotion to God Almighty," said Nadia in this event.

    "We are very pleasant with the assistance of the Indonesian Dentists Association to conduct free dental examinations to the blind, so that they will get many benefits with this activity. Not only spiritual but also physical," added Nadia.

    This event was attended by the Vice Mayor of Bandung and his wife, the head of OPD associated in the West Java province, Sheikh Ali Jaber, Syek Big Makkah, wife of the Ambassador of Qatar to Indonesia Muna Ali Al-Khaetar who representing the Government of Qatar, representatives of Al-Dawli Kuwait International Bank, the Islamic Charitable Organisation of Kuwait, the guests and leaders from China, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain, as well as other invited guests.

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