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    PLN West Java Distribution Distributed Scholarship


    BANDUNG-PLN Peduli Distributed Scholarship Assistance for 10 Padjadjaran University Students Through IKA UNPAD, the Office of the Alumni Association Secretariat (IKA) of Padjadjaran University Singaperbangsa Street No.1 Bandung City.

    PLN through the scholarship program PLN Peduli awarded Scholarship for Education for 10 Padjdajaran University Students who need help in order to alleviate the Cost of Education.

    This scholarship program is realized thanks to the cooperation between PLN and IKA Unpad in order to support underprivileged students and achievers in order to complete the education of Higher Education and not hindered by the limited cost.

    Delivery of Assistance for 10 Padjadjaran University Students is given by Senior Manager Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PLN Zubaidah to Chairman of IKA Unpad Hikmat Kurnia and 10 Scholarship Recipients.

    The handover was also witnessed by the board of IKA Unpad and Chairman of Student Executive Board (BEM) Unpad. The total value of scholarship aid is Rp 60.000.000, - which will be distributed to ten students each worth Rp. 6,000,000, - for a period of one year.

    Chairman of IKA Unpad Hikmat Kurnia said that currently many students are still experiencing limitations in terms of material and expected this limitation is not as a barrier for the students to not finish their studies.

    "Through this PLN Peduli Scholarship Program will be able to provide encouragement for outstanding and underprivileged students to complete their studies in a timely manner and with a proud academic achievement," he said.

    Zubaidah conveyed to the scholarship recipients and IKA Unpad board that this scholarship is a manifestation of PLN concern to the world of education, especially in giving birth to the successor of a quality nation.

    In addition, it was stated that PLN provides wide opportunities for career and not only for students in engineering only. For some non-technical education areas, many PLN employees are successful in their career and contribute to the development of electricity in Indonesia.

    In addition, it is expected that the students who have received the scholarship from PLN are able to become one of the PLN agents to deliver important information for the people, especially those related to PLN, including product services, PLN complaints, education and socialization in the field of electricity, recruitment of employees , as well as other information related to PLN.

    In the year 2017 ago PLN West Java Distribution itself has channeled the assistance of Environmental Development in the field of education worth Rp 7,479,790,250, - of the total assistance of Rp 10,163,375,560, - scattered throughout the working area of ??PLN in West Java. It is expected that through the contribution in the field of education is able to improve the quality of Human Resources both for the State of Indonesia, especially PLN because the quality of good education is one of the main factors in creating the next generation of quality nation. Jo

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