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    Government Committed to Develop EBT


    BANDUNG - The use of renewable energy (EBT) is still very small compared to the use of fossil fuel energy. While the availability of fossil fuel energy each year continues to decrease so that an alternative energy is needed.

    Deputy Minister of EMR, Arcanda Tahar, said that EBT development does meet some obstacles such as licensing which is considered too complicated, expensive cost to human resource readiness.

    But he stressed the government remains committed to increase the capacity of EBT in the country. To attract investment will be made more simple rules and permits.

    He mentioned that as many as 186 regulations related to licensing have been canceled because they are hampering investment. Especially for electricity as many as 20 regulations have been cut and 9 regulations and 5 licenses for renewable energy have also been revoked.

    "From January to March 2018 as many as 90 regulations and 96 licenses have been revoked. Deregulation of this impact simplify and cut business processes, "he explained in ITB, Tuesday (15/5).

    Arcandra said that by 2017, 70 new renewable energy contracts have been signed with a total power capacity of 1,214 MW.

    Consists of the construction of hydropower, biogas, biomass, solar, geothermal and minihidro. Minihidro is the largest permit given to 49 companies. Some of them are located in the region of West Java. (jo)

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