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    E-Sport in West Java is Growing Up


    BANDUNG - Sports digital or e-Sport is now growing rapidly in Indonesia. Evidently from several e-Sport teams Indonesia there are achievers in international e-Sport competition.

    Telkom Regioal 3 West Java as part of red plate company, take an active role and give great attention to the development of e-Sport in West Java.

    As a tangible form of support to e-Sport clubs, Telkom Regional 3 West Java held Wifi.Id e-Sport Competition 2018 competition which started in March 2018.

    The Grand Final of the competition was held on 11 - 12 May 2018 by taking place at WICO CAFE in Grapari Telkom Group Supratman Bandung.

    The clubs that enter the Grand Final is a Champion Club from the results of allowance at the level area / cluster area District and City as West Java. In full the club that made it into the Grand Final, from Bandung City represented by: Gaming Arena Team, GBHN Team and Scary Sunda Team, Kota Cimahi: WRJL Team, Team MIB, and Team Sure EZ, Tasikmalaya: Team Dream Team, WTF Team , and Team Revolt Seven, Cirebon City: Unity Team, Kota Karawang: Phoenix Pro Team, and last Sukabumi City: Fate Team.

    In his opening speech at the opening ceremony of the competition, Ivan Wiryawan, Senior Manager of Consumer Marketing of Telkom Regional 3 Jabar, said that the e-Sport competition program is one of Telkom's real concerns in developing one of the sports achievement that is e-Sport which this gets the attention of the public and the government.

    "E-Sport is not just playing games that are just a waste of time, there are elements of sportsmanship, play strategy, and achievement. Especially at this time e-Sport athletes are very likely to become professional players who will get a salary, "said Ivan.

    Deputy Executive Vice President (EVP) Marketing, Mohamad Khamdan hopes that e-Sport can develop significantly and can give birth to a high performing and proud player for West Java. Especially at the Asian Games 2018 later one of the sports that entered demosport is e-Sports and will be exhibited as a sports exhibition. (Jo)

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