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    Waste production Of West Java Residents Reaches 27 Thousand Tons Per Day


    Director of WALHI West Java, Dadan Ramdan stated that based on the calculation from Forum for Environment (WALHI) West Java mentioned that the household production of West Java population increased the waste production which reached 27,000 tons/day.

    "It could continue to rise with the increasing population and the production of household and non-household goods," he said.

    According to Dadan, the trash is visible everywhere in urban to rural areas, on roads, on the river, even in the mountains and forests.

    "From various researches conducted, 60% waste produced in the form of organic waste that can be composted, while 40% of non-organic trash such as plastic, paper, electronics, bottles, cans, etc.," he said.

    Dadan stated that garbage has become a serious problem if not anticipated from now, so it needed the necessary policies and local governments in the long term in anticipation and curative from upstream to downstream.

    "Other impacts if the trash is not soon overcame, then it could potentially pose a threat to health, pollution and environmental damage," he said.

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