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    This is it! BIJB Mobile Apps


    BANDUNG - Towards the operation of Kertajati Airport at the end of May 2018, PT West Java International Airport (BIJB) launches BIJB Mobile Apps application. This excellent service is dedicated to the community to facilitate any form of access to information in it related to Kertajati Airport.

    The launch of consumer service applications for this smart phone, symbolically, is done with digital keystrokes by PT BIJB President Director Virda Dimas Ekaputra, Commissioner of PT BIJB M Ihsan Tatang, Division Head of ICT and Supporters of PT BIJB A Dadan Hadiana, Head of Economic Section of Government Secretariat West Java Province Andrie Kustria Wardana and Head of Air Transportation Office of West Java Transportation Nining Yuliastiani in the Hall of Transportation West Java, Bandung, Tuesday (15/05/2018).

    "This launching is part of our series of activities where May 24 we will welcome the soft launching of Kertajati Airport," said Virda Dimas Ekaputra who was applauded by the audience.

    Virda explained the background of the launch of this application is more due to simplify and provide comfort to prospective passengers who will use the facilities Kertajati Airport. Because, in one touch on the smart phone all forms of information related to airport services such as ticket purchases, passenger reminders alarm about departure, directions to the airport, booking transportation to the airport, booking parking vehicles, to shopping online and so forth.

    "Because it is what consumers need like this so we try to input in the application.With this application hopefully the users of air services, especially Kertajati Airport can be useful," said Virda.

    He said Kertajati Airport which has an international label always wants to provide the best service with a number of breakthroughs in it. This is done so that its presence can be a classy airport like Changi Airport in Singapore. Moreover, Kertajati Airport is also looking at international flights by serving Hajj and Umroh this year.

    "As a first step this application is designed to increase engagment between passengers and airport Kertajati this," he said.

    Dadan said the application BIJB Mobile Apps is currently only available on the Android platform. To get it just simply download for free on the Play Store service. Development continues to be done so that the entire platform can support this application as well as IOS.

    At the launch, PT BIJB itself invites all guests in attendance to download BIJB Mobile Apps and register to get share ID Share ID that will affect the points that can then be included in the series #MikikDibayarinBIJB.

    "Winners will be selected based on the most points, conformity with the terms and conditions applicable based on the decision of the committee team of Paid Mudik Program BIJB," he said.

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