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    Foreign Companies Ought to Follow Social Security Employment


    BANDUNG - Head of Department of Manpower and Transmigration (Disnakertrans) West Java Province, Ferry Sofwan said foreign companies must follow the social security program employment.

    According to him, if investing in the country then must follow all labor regulations in Indonesia.

    "Of course, foreign companies must also follow the regulations in force in Indonesia so they are obliged to join BPJS TK," he told reporters at Gedung Sate Bandung on Monday (5/14/2018).

    Ferry said that textile and other labor-intensive companies still dominate the unemployed workforce to become members of BPJS Employment.

    "Garment company is not only in Bandung regency but there are still many in Kab Bogor, Subang, Purwakarta who have not joined," he explained.

    In addition, this understanding of employment security should also be owned by employees. Because the monthly salaries of workers must be partly shared to pay contributions BPJS TK.

    According to him, it has become the obligation of the company if there are formal workers sharing related social security employment between companies and their employees. Prior to the action of the labor inspectors, socialization and understanding must be done for them.

    "Often entrepreneurs have a reason for example worker status contract workers for example 1 year," he said.

    Asked about the minimal number of BPJS TK membership, he affirmed that the Disnakertrans Jabar will continue to increase the number of participation. Because of this social security is very useful for the workers in addition to the obligations to entrepreneurs to follow the program BPJS Kindergarten.

    "Our target of course increase membership," he concluded. (Jo)

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