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    Preventing Terrorism, West Java Provincial Government Improves Early Detection


    BANDUNG, - After the terrorist acts that occurred in Brimob Headquarters and Surabaya, West Java Provincial Government will increase consolidation, security and early detection in an effort to prevent the action of radicalism and terrorism that happened again.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said it would immediately coordinate with Commander III Siliwangi, West Java Police and West Java MUI to immediately move together in guarding the security of West Java.

    "The incident became a lesson for us, I immediately contacted the Army Commander, Chief Police and the Indonesian Ulema Council to jointly move to guard West Java so that there will be no incidents of radicalism and terrorism," Aher told reporters at Gedung Sate Bandung, Sunday (5/13/2018)

    According to the Governor of West Java, acts of terrorism is an act that violates religion, social norms and legislation. In fact, no religion in the world teaches radicalism and terrorism.

    "It's an action that violates all the rules, no religious teachings that permit the accursed action," he stressed

    Aher asks all parties to remain calm and not connect with a particular religion. "I ask all parties not to be connected with all religious teachings," he said

    He asserts, his religious status may be embracing a certain religion but certainly nothing to do with the religion adopted.

    "If he has a radical understanding or becomes a terrorist, it is his personal understanding, so it is not the real understanding of religion, because religion never implies anything like that," Aher

    Aher also expressed his condolences as much as possible for the families who became victims of the accursed action. He asserted, never agreed the existence of acts of terrorism on this earth.

    "I am on behalf of West Java Provincial Government and the people of West Java are also grieving and never agree with acts of terrorism by anyone pelakukanya, wherever, whenever and to anyone the forbidden act was done," he concluded

    Previously, Bomb exploded in three churches in Surabaya Sunday morning (13/05/2018). The death toll continues to grow to eight people and injure 40 others. The wounded were taken by a nearby hospital. (Even)

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