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    Effective, West Java Held Socialization Regional Head Election Concurrently With Wayang Golek


    BANDUNG - Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of West Java Regional Secretariat in cooperation with West Java Regional Election Commission (KPUD) and Bandung Youth Literacy held a Wayang Golek show in front of Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street City of Bandung, Friday night (11/5/18).

    Wayang Golek Giri Jinawi Raharja with the puppeteer Asep Sandy Kamawijaya is a series of activities of West Java Coffee and Art on 11-12 May 2018. This cultural performance to socialize the elections that will be held on June 27, 2018. Local elections in West Java will elect the Governor / Vice Governor of West Java and Regent / Mayor in 16 districts / cities.

    "With the culture we also make direct elections regional head election a safe, orderly, peaceful, and harmonious," said Aher when opening the show Puppet Wayang Golek.

    "The cultural way of introducing a national event is a good way," he continued.

    For that, on this occasion Aher invites to West Java citizen to tight brotherhood through culture and art. "Let's glue our brotherhood, we clean the dirty, we calm the uneasy, we straighten the crooked with a tool that is comfortable for all sides of the name of culture and art," said Aher.

    In regional election, the level of participation becomes the reference for the success of the elections held. For that, Aher also invites to all West Java citizens to participate in Simultaneous Election in West Java.

    To succeed Simultaneous Election in West Java, West Java Election Commission will make Election as education and political tourism. Golek Puppet Show, said Chairman of West Java Regional Election Commitee Yayat Hidayat will be a surefire way to disseminate it.

    "Election should be education and political tourism. One of the forms, namely socialization through sudong (magic and fairy tale) in Wayang Golek, "said Yayat.

    "It is a pity that election is only used as a venue for leadership circulation in West Java," he said.

    The Golek Puppet usually teaches the Deferred values. It is also related to leadership. Yayat assess the socialization of Simultaneous Election will be much more effective if done through the approach of art and culture.

    "I believe socialization through this cultural approach will be far more effective than through other ways," he explained.

    Meanwhile, Founder Youth Literacy Bandung Indrajidt Rai assessed there should be a youth movement that can educate about Simultaneous Election. Cultural instruments such as Wayang Golek can be done to support the education.

    "I hope in the West Java politics, the character of sabumi way of sad. That is, Gemah Ripah Repeh Rapih, "said Indra.

    According to Indra, there needs to be a youth movement to succeed and escort the election. "This is a form of youth concern, that the importance of youth movement in the context of escorting elections in Sundanese political means, in the context of West Java: Gemah Ripah Repeh Rapih," he concluded.

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