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    Aher Invites Foreign Partners Having Coffee at Gesa Kopi


    BANDUNG - Still in West Java Coffee and Art series, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) invites delegations of overseas partners of West Java provincial government to drink together in Gesa Kopi lounge in the East Hall of Gedung Sate.

    This rare moment occurred after a dinner party Aher with the Ambassador of the State Friends and Partners Sister Province in the West Hall Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Friday night (11/5/18).

    Spontaneously, Aher invited the guests of his honor. Attendees included Ambassador Algeria to Indonesia, Ambassador of the Republic of Islam, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Political Affairs of the Embassy of Australia, Secretary of Political Affairs of the Embassy of Australia and Economic Advisor to the Embassy of Morocco. They look enthusiastic and enjoy various types of refined coffee taste West Java typical of coffee.

    These delegates are representatives of countries that have close relationships and relationships with West Java Provincial Government.

    West Java Provincial Government has established cooperation with 14 Provinces in the world or better known as sister province. Cooperation is conducted in various fields, such as education, agriculture, health, tourism, arts and culture, to technology transfer.

    Aher said it is diligent to establish cooperation last three years. "We are in contact with other provinces in various countries, such as sister province cooperation," Aher said.

    Aher wants to enter retirement from his post as governor there is a positive exit left to the people of West Java. There have been a number of progresses as long as he was the number one man in West Java for two periods.

    "Education is more advanced, better health, water supply for the people of West Java better, the economy is also better. So is infrastructure, "he said.

    Noted, in the Middle East, West Java established communication links with Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, and soon will be explored cooperation with Tunisia. Established relationship also with South Australia.

    Later in Europe, West Java established relationships with Belgium, Russia, Sweden, as well as in East Asia with China, Japan and South Korea. "Alhamdulillah with the various countries we have good relations in the form of sister province with the provinces or states that exist in the territory of those countries," he explained.

    Aher added, it wants to bring good cooperation in the future. Because according to him, the world ahead is the world of cooperation. "It is impossible for a country to go all alone. Who can stand alone without the need of others. And of course with the people of the world we deserve to advance together, "he said.

    Finally, in his speech had a special message to all his overseas partners.

    "I want to emphasize that whoever the new elected governor will replace me. I will ask specifically, there is a special memory to continue cooperation with all my friends (Country Friends and Sister Province) who are present here, "he said.

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