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    "Koboy Campus" Tell The Life Of The Unitary State Of The Republic The Panasdalam


    BANDUNG-After the success of the 1990 movie Dilan that was watched by around 4.3 million people, Pidi Baiq again planned to work on Koboy Campus "Understanding The Panasdalam".

    According to Pidi Baiq, the film which will be sold starting next July will tell the life of the students of the Faculty of Art and Design ITB (FSRD-ITB) that occurred in the era of 1995 until 1998, during the New Order government crowded by the student movement that demanded the occurrence reform.

    "In the film tells the students of FSDR-ITB to do another way than to have a demo, that is by establishing the Unitary Republic of The Panasdalam Republic whose population is 18 people in an area of 8x10 m," he said.

    Pidi said, in the story that will be duration of about 120 minutes, will also be wrapped with humor stories of the residents and the romance they experienced during that span of time.

    "We will tell all the lives of the people of that country through 'Koboy Kampus'," Pidi told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday night (09/05).

    As a cultivation step for the "Koboy Kampus" film, 69 Productions will team up with Bianglala Productions as well as a team from The Panasdalam Movie.

    Sekar Ayu Asmara, as Producer of Bianglala Production expects this film can provide positive inspiration and entertain the people who watch and entertain.

    "With this movie we hope everyone can laugh and get inspiration and satisfied audience plus the songs from The Panasdalam Bank," he said.

    Meanwhile, Executive Producer of 69 Productions, Rois Sunandar said his involvement in the making of this film is the beginning to participate in improving the quality of cinema in Indonesia and can enliven the national film industry is now more lively.

    "Hopefully this film can help improve Indonesian cinema and to host the country itself," he concluded. (Parno).

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