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    Bio Farma Describes the Islamic State Vaccine Research Strategic Plan


    BANDUNG - Bio Farma is believed to be the keynote speaker at the inauguration of Indonesia as the Vaccine Research Center in the Islamic country M. Rahman Roestan, President Director will submit a strategic plan to establish a vaccine research center and biotechnology products of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jakarta on Monday, May 14, 2018 .

    At the Launching Reception and Workshop on the OIC Center of Excellence on Vaccines and Biotechnology Products "which will be attended by OIC member states embassy in Jakarta, OIC Member States, Secretary General of OKI, OIC related institutions such as IDB (Islamic Development Bank), COMSTECH and SESRIC, Ministry and Related Ministers in Indonesia, Healthcare Partners such as World Health Organization (WHO), World Bank, UNICEF, GAVI, ADB (ASEAN Development Bank), and Indonesia Research Consortium.

    "Bio Farma has prepared several concrete steps as a cooperation mechanism among OIC members. We will provide cooperation mechanisms with OIC Organizations (OIC) countries through technology transfer, research and development cooperation and fill and finish cooperation". Reveal Rahman

    Rahman will deliver a presentation on the strategic plan of vaccine research centers and biotechnology products for Islamic cooperation organizations. The other speakers in a panel discussion entitled private and government cooperation in responding to various global health challenges, such as Secretary General of the Ministry of Health who will present the role of Indonesia in achieving self-sufficiency of vaccine production and availability of vaccine for OIC member countries.

    The Head of POM will present material on the role of POM to ensure the quality of vaccines and biotechnology products, following the director general of Rist and development, Ministry of Higher Education and Research Technology will present the model of research collaboration in the development of new vaccines. It is hoped that the establishment of the Center of Excellence OIC can accelerate the independence and availability of vaccines and biotechnology products in OIC member countries.

    About Indonesian Determination
    Determination of Indonesia as a Center of Excellence was decided during the meeting of the Ministry of Health of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (KTM OKI) to 6 in Jeddah, with a delegation led by the Minister of Health. Determination of Indonesia as Center of Excellence on Vaccine and Bio-technology Products, confirmed in OIC Resolution on "Self-Reliance in Supply and Production of Medicines, Vaccines and Medical Technologies". The resolution includes approving the terms of reference for the establishment of the Center of Excellence in Indonesia and requesting the Government of Indonesia to accelerate the process of establishing the Center of Excellence.

    This belief is an acknowledgment of the Indonesian government's performance in the vaccine industry and more advanced bio-technology products than in OIC member countries. Indonesia is the only OIC member country that has the WHO recognized immunization vaccine industry.

    A number of countries appreciate the preparation efforts undertaken by the Indonesian government and assess that the establishment of the Center of Excellence on Vaccine and Bio-technology Products is essential for the independence of OIC countries in the supply of vaccines and bio-technology products. Through this Center of Excellence, it is hoped that joint vaccine and bio-technology research will be conducted in the long term to develop together vaccines with self-reliant technology to address future or potential health problems in OIC countries. (Even)

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