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    Realizing West Java Smart Province, Provincial Inaugurates Command Center


    BANDUNG - West Java Province realizes the presence of smart province with the implementation of control center (command center) based on information communication technology (ICT).

    Jabar Command Center built by West Java Province Communication and Informatics aims to collect and process the data and information needed to be managed (manage) to get responses and quick decisions.

    Its functions and duties are in accordance with the provincial authorities regulated in Law No.23 of 2014 on Regional Government. West Java Provincial Command Center is a means to evaluate, monitor and perform the obligatory functions of provincial authorities which are basic services such as education, health, public works and spatial layout, public housing and settlement areas, peace, public order and social and social protection.

    The applications that are available and well integrated are RKPD Online; SIPKD; Atisisbada; E-Monev; e-Sakip; Sidadali. All these applications that exist in West Java provincial government can be accessed at Command Center.

    To date, in addition to the above applications, there are 9 other featured applications such as Bapenda with SiPaten and CCTV Office Service, BPBD with Map of Disaster Risk, Weather Condition and Disaster Map, ESDM Service with Certificate of Operational Worth, Disperindag with Price Information and Disdukcapil with Population Data. To know the condition of traffic on the provincial road is available CCTV application.

    In this Command Center, Governor / Vice Governor of West Java can know in real time local revenue (PAD) that went into the Regional Kasda (Kasda) at that time. The Command Center will display in real time the percentage of incoming PAD accompanied by a graph of each local device organization (OPD) that generates PAD. All data, images, graphics and PAD information are retrieved via intranet using fiber optic network (FO) to Data Center and Regional Device Organization.

    Leaders of course made easier to make decisions with the existence of Command Center. Through information technology, West Java Provincial Government will be able to optimize their eyes, ears, feet and hands in responding to various complaints and public complaints on services that become their main task and function (tupoksinya).

    In the digital age there is no barrier and distance for people to make complaints to the West Java Provincial Government. Through smart province, the whole community can participate as the eyes and ears of the provincial government. From health, education, infrastructure and so on. (Tim jabarprov.go.id)

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