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    Now There is Majapahit & Hayam Wuruk Street in Bandung


    BANDUNG - The naming of Majapahit and Hayam Wuruk Street in Bandung, West Java is a good sign of the relationship between the Javanese and Sundanese communities. This reconciliation becomes the historical record for the first and second largest tribes in the country.

    Aher said the naming of the road became the first step of reconciliation between Sunda and Java. This is a concrete step of the nation's children to further strengthen the harmonious diversity in the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

    Majapahit Street Bandung is located on the west side of Gasibu Field. While Hayam Wuruk change the name of Cimandiri Street which is on the west side of Gedung Sate. In addition, on this occasion also inaugurated the name of Citaresmi Street which changed the name of Pusdai Street in front of Masjid Pusdai Bandung.

    "The diversity of the first and second largest ethnic groups in NKRI, namely Java and Sunda," said Aher at the opening of Java-Sunda Cultural Harmony 2018, and the inauguration of Majapahit and Hayam Wuruk Street which took place on Diponegoro Street City of Bandung, Friday (11/5/18).

    The events of the Bubble Wars in 1357 then, emotionally disturb the relations of the Javanese and Sundanese tribes. However, it still needs to be proved because there is suspicion in the colonial era of the Sundanese and Javanese deliberately banged with the story of Bubat War.

    Bubat War, Aher says is a memorable old event and a part of history. Aher invites the community to take a lesson from what has happened in the past

    "This is a new history and a new point to look for a better future," Aher said.

    "Let us build our good future together through the reconciliation of Sunda-Java and Javanese-Sundanese culture today," he said.

    Cultural reconciliation through this naming symbol of the road was initially initiated by Yogyakarta Special Region Governor, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. On 3 October 2017, officially the name of Pajajaran and Prabu Siliwangi Street was in Yogyakarta. To continue this reconciliation, on March 6, 2018 was inaugurated the name of Sunda and Prabu Siliwangi Street in Surabaya, East Java.

    "And today is a peak of cultural reconciliation of Javanese-Sundanese, Sundanese-Javanese. We inaugurate the name of Majapahit and Hayam Wuruk Street in Bandung, West Java, "said Aher.

    Javanese-Sundanese Cultural Harmony Activity welcomed by the Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region (DI) represented by Vice Governor of Yogyakarta Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Aryo Paku Alam X. He considered cultural harmony event has an important value to enhance the promotion of regional cultural potential of West Java, East Java , and DI Yogyakara to the wider community.

    Yogyakarta hopes that cultural harmony activities can foster, cultivate, and cultivate the customs of culture and art in the region. In addition, this harmonization can revive the value of local culture.

    Meanwhile, East Java Governor Soekarwo who was also present on this occasion said that the people of East Java want to solve the problems that occurred during 661 years. Because according to him, it can be an example that the completion of culture is the best solution among other ways of settlement.

    "Culture can clean up the defilements that exist," said Pakde Karwo, familiar name of East Java Governor.

    "The people of East Java want to end the problem for 661 years. Then it becomes a new thing and becomes one example that the best cultural settlement among other settlers. Which can smooth the goods rough and can clear the dirty stuff, "he explained.

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