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    Governor Inaugurated West Java Cofee and Art


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated West Java Coffee and Art 2018 at Diponegoro Street Bandung, as well as commemorating the 57th anniversary of Bank bjb.

    "This is the fifth, Coffee Saraosna. Initially only coffee, now already collaborating with other things including art and culture, "he said, Friday (11/5).

    In a total of three days of operation, Friday-Sunday (11-13 / 5/18), West Java residents can enjoy tea and coffee treats from West Java combined with traditional and contemporary entertainment, and festive atmosphere involving West Java coffee farmers, tea farmers , ecovillage activists of Citarum River, small and medium enterprises (UMKM), hobby community, and West Java cultural arts community.

    "Coffee is a lot in Indonesia, coffee is now not just West Java only, but belongs to Indonesia."

    Prior to opening the event, Aher awarded numerous awards to the award-winning service with its best applications. On the main stage there are also awards ceremonies such as Start Up Truck from Trade and Industry Office, Public Service Innovation 2018 from Bureau of Organization, and Delivery of Legal Coop Ngopi Saraosna.

    Meanwhile, hundreds of residents appear to meet the page Gedung Sate to enjoy coffee in the stand. To note Ngopi Saraosna in this event amounted to 50 tenants.

    During these two days, a number of top artists and musicians are ready to enliven the event. Call it PADI Reborn, Sheila Majid, Pusakata, Mustache and Beard, and Diskoria. Traditional entertainment offerings of Youth Literacy Bandung will enliven Friday night, Wayang Golek Padepokan Giri Jinawi Raharja with Dalang Asep Kamawijaya. Jo

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