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    Luwak Philosophy, The Secret of West Java Coffee Becoming Uniquely and Best


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that Indonesian coffee, especially coffee from West Java has its own uniqueness. This is because the process of making it using Luwak philosophy.

    Luwak only take the mature coffee beans as a base to produce the best coffee. "It's a behavior that we need to Indonesia, not just in West Java, just picking the coffee is just a healthy one, that's one of our uniqueness," Aher said in his speech when opening West Java Coffee and Art event that took place in front of Gedung Sate , Diponegoro Street City of Bandung, Friday (11/5/18).

    "Apparently, we use Luwak philosophy, Luwak teaching used by craftsmen in West Java," he added.

    Coffee becomes one of the excellent potential that has promising development prospects. To that end, through West Java Coffee and Art is expected to further lift and introduce coffee originating from West Java to the community.

    To encourage this, West Java Provincial Government awarded the winners of West Java coffee bussiness plan competition. Award in the form of coffee carts to 10 coffee start-up businessmen from the Office of Industry and Trade of West Java.

    In addition, the certificate of Legal Coop Ngopi Saraosna was also submitted. "Of the nature of the establishment of this Cooperative is a form of business that consists of coffee farmers," said Aher.

    Then, Aher also awarded the Public Service Innovation 2018 to the Regional Device Organizations in West Java Provincial Government environment, and launched the Command Center managed West Java Communications and Informatics Department.

    In West Java Coffee and Art event, West Java residents can enjoy the original taste of West Java coffee in Ngopi Saraosna Volume 5 starting today and tomorrow (11-12 / 5/18). There are 50 coffee available.

    Meanwhile, West Java Provincial Secretariat of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau Sonny S Adisudarma said at the West Java Coffee and Art event there was also auction of 20 tons of green beans followed by more than 10 buyers. The type of coffee auctioned is Arabica Coffee from West Java region especially from Pangalengan, Bandung regency.

    "Hopefully with this auction to be one effort to improve the coffee trading system in West Java," said Sonny.

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