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    SMSI Must Encourage Its Members To Become Anti Hoax Media


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) requested that the Siber Indonesia Media Union organization (SMSI) able to encourage its members to become anti-hoax media. It was emphasized by Aher after confirming the management of West Java SMSI in State Building Pakuan, Thursday (10/05/2018).

    "Of course when it's union like this there's a power in itself that online media owners can keep their media not falling into the irresponsible flow of hoax information, I believe both the media owner and his editors are committed to it," Aher said.

    In addition, Aher also hopes SMSI through the media able to serve news or information that can give a positive effect for the community.

    "Spreading news as it is according to the facts of the media, but in addition the media must also bring positive effects for the community" he explained.

    Aher stressed, the media has a powerful power to influence public opinion. When used properly then that power will be a positive influence as well.

    SMSI is an online media entrepreneur organization whose stewardship already exists from central to local. (Even)

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