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    2,500 Police Personnel Secured Public Transportation Strike Action Raly


    BANDUNG - Bandung Police Chief Kombes Pol Hendro Pandowo said about 2,500 personnel deployed in order to secure public transportation strike action raly in the city of Bandung is planned to last three days from Tuesday (08/05) to Thursday (10/05).

    "The officers are deployed using cars and motorcycles so that their members can move quickly, if there is a problem in the middle of the action, and are placed in swarthy areas, and at the concentration point of action mass," he said.

    According to Hendro, the rallies that followed about 8,000 participants can run conducively and find a good bright spot and found a way out so as not to harm either party.
    "We hope that in one day, the demands can be found the way out and the action took place conducively," said Hendro, told reporters on Tuesday (08/05).

    Hendro also asked demo participants not to sweep and to be polite and not to violate any laws whose actions could harm others.

    "We affirm, no sweeping, please rally without violating the law, must be polite and do not disturb the flow of traffic," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Head of Bandung Transportation Department Didi Ruswandi added that his party will lower 200 fleets to help people who need a ride if in action there is no public transportation to take the community to the destination.

    "The fleet will be placed at some point in Bandung, Trans Metro Bandung fleet, school bus and reserve transportation will be lowered," said Didi.

    The rallies carried out by the drivers of urban transport were triggered by their dissatisfaction with the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 108 of 2017 on the Transportation of People with Public Vehicles Not in the Trajectory, which was considered to be detrimental to conventional transport crews. (Parno)

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