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    Citarum Watershed Takes Aher Becoming Doctor


    BANDUNG - Starting Wednesday morning (9/5/2018), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) officially holds a Doctorate (Dr). West Java Governor of two periods was declared graduated with cum laude yudisium by the Senate of University of Padjadjaran in the Doctoral Degree Promotion Session of Business Economics.

    In front of 8 members of Unpad Senate and a promoter led by Unpad Rector Prof. Dr. Med. Trihanggono Ahmad, Aher defended his dissertation entitled "Sustainable Business Model in Citarum River Basin, Indonesia". Almost all questions and arguments made by the Unpad senate are able to answer Aher well.

    "From today you have the right to bear or write a doctorate in front of your name, because you are graduated in defending your dissertation with the cum laude yudisium," said Trihanggono welcomed by the audience.

    After the certificate submission, Aher then took pictures with the family, the Regional Device Organization leaders and the previous invitation has congratulated Aher.

    "We have to get used to living or cultivate ourselves familiar with literacy, so have to keep learning, learning and learning, that's what I want to prove," Aher told reporters.

    The reason for choosing a dissertation on sustainable business in the Citarum watershed is that there is actually a strong correlation between clean water resources and economically maintained rivers.

    "Water is a basic necessity that can not be replaced by anyone, individuals or corporations, so the sustainability of the economy will also depend heavily on the availability of clean water, including clean rivers," he said.

    With this dissertation, Aher wants to push the ideals of Citarum Harum program can really be realized, not just a dream. (Even)

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