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    Jakarta, Bogor and Balikpapan Again Win The title of "The Most Loveable City"


    BOGOR - World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Network launched the "We Love Cities" campaign to celebrate the efforts of cities in the world to face climate change. Similar to the implementation of the We Love Cities campaign in 2016, Indonesia was again represented by the cities of Jakarta, Bogor and Balikpapan which will compete for the title of "The Most Loveable City".

    The We Love Cities campaign is part of the One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) competition held every two years and is followed by cities around the world to showcase the ambitions, commitments and innovations that have been made to tackle climate change in their city.

    In particular, this year's OPCC highlights city efforts to realize sustainable urban mobility. Considering that 25% of CO2 emissions are generated from the transport sector, the OPCC encourages cities to demonstrate the range of innovations and solutions that are generated to create a transportation system that can achieve sustainable urban mobility.
    A total of eight cities from Indonesia follow One Planet City Challenge this year which is Indonesia's largest participation compared to previous years. After going through various selection and assessment processes, Jakarta, Bogor and Balikpapan again qualify as city finalists and automatically become the city of We Love Cities campaign participants.

    During the period of the We Love Cities campaign which will run from 7 May to 30 June 2018, each city will showcase its respective advantages in tackling climate change that may include some or all of the following sectors, namely energy, transportation, waste, building and food. Besides Jakarta, Bogor and Balikpapan from Indonesia, We Love Cities campaign will also be followed by 47 other cities from 20 countries. Some of the leading cities that participated in this year's We Love Cities are Tokyo, Vancouver, Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur.

    Jakarta sets a strong but realistic ambition by setting a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions by 2030, compared to its emissions level in 2005. The superior effort that Jakarta has made so far is the use of renewable energy sources, namely solar energy to meet needs of street lighting, municipal infrastructure until school. In addition, the city government of Jakarta will also improve the system of bus rapid transit (BRT) services to reduce the level of private vehicle use.

    The city of Balikpapan has set a CO2 emission reduction target of 20% by 2020, compared to its emissions level in 2010. This will be achieved by processing methane gas from household waste into electrical energy and the expansion of the bus rapid transit system.

    Meanwhile, the Bogor City Government focuses on reducing its carbon emissions through the promotion of sustainable mobility realized with the "Vehicle Free Day" program and the development of better pedestrian and cycling routes. Bogor City is the holder of the predicate of The Most Lovable City or the preferred city of netizens in the 2016 We Love Cities campaign after defeating the other 45 cities with the highest number of votes and mentioning tagar in social media.

    WWF-Indonesia Conservation Director Arnold Sitompul explained that the city is a center of future civilization where more and more areas will develop into urban areas and most of the human population will live in urban areas.

    "Therefore, WWF strongly encourages urban initiatives to innovate and contribute actively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in tackling climate change," he said.

    The We Love Cities campaign encourages the public to provide support to their favorite cities by providing votes and suggestions on city pages on www.welovecites.org or through social media (instagram, twitter and facebook) by uploading photo or video material about the city favorite while mentioning the city's unique tag.

    The winner of We Love Cities will be determined by the number of votes and suggestions received on the www.welovecities.org website and the like, share and comment amount of each authentic uploader on social media that mentions the city's unique tag. (Humas-Bogor)

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