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    West Java IPM Reaches 70.60


    BANDUNG - Human development in West Java Province continues to progress with marked by the continued increase in Human Development Index (HDI) of West Java Province.

    Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Java Province Dody Herlando said in 2017 the HDI of West Java Province has reached 70.69 or increased by 0.64 points compared with the HDI of West Java Province in 2016 and then reached 70.05.

    "Since 2016, the human development status in West Java Province has reached a" high "level, which in 2017 grew by 0.91 percent compared to 2016," he said.

    According to Dody, during the period 2016-2017, the building blocks of HDI have increased, whereas newborns have a living chance of up to 72.47 years or an increase of 0.03 years compared to the previous year and 7-year-olds have the opportunity to attend school for 12 , 42 years or increased by 0.12 years compared to 2016.

    "For people aged 25 years and over on average have been educated for 8.14 years or increased 0.19 years than before," said Dody, told reporters at the BPS Office Jabar, Monday (07/05).

    Dody added, public expenditure per capita West Java has reached Rp.10, 29 million dollars in 2017 or increased by Rp.250 thousand compared to the previous year. (Parno)

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