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    West Java - Gyeongsangbuk-Do Signed LoI Sister Province


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government and Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Government of South Korea formally cooperate with Sister Province. This is evidenced by the signing of the Letter of Intent (LoI) agreement from both parties.

    The signing of LoI was done directly by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan with Governor Gyeongsangbuk-Di Kim Kwan Yong in Pakuan Building Bandung, Sunday (06/05/2018) night.

    "Recently we signed a Letter of Intent, a good intention together to build a broader cooperation under the umbrella of Sister Province, hopefully in the near future we can sign the memorandum of understanding (MoU) Aher.

    Aher said the establishment of Sister Province is very important because it will overshadow the cooperation of two areas that are mutually protective and profitable.

    The focus of cooperation in the LoI include education in science and technology, sports, youth and capacity building and government management. Then cooperation in trade and investment through bussines matcing in creating trade connections between the two regions as well as market development of potential products to South Korea. The field of tourism, including the promotion of two-way tourism by involving the cooperation between travel agents of both regions. Finally, the cultural field is through the implementation of cultural event collaboration between the two regions.

    "Hopefully this cooperation will benefit the wider community of the two regions that will lead to the improvement of bilateral relations between Indonesia and South Korea," Aher said.

    Friendship relationship between West Java and Gyeongsangbuk-Do begins with the establishment of cooperation between West Java KONI with Gyeongbuk Sport Committee in the field of sports last year 2010. One of the activities is training and coaching West Java athletes. Until finally West Java achieves brilliant achievements in PON XIX 2016 ago. But according to Aher, this time the cooperation will be enhanced on the training of West Java athletes for an early age, do not print athletes who are almost finished.

    Meanwhile, Gyeongsangbuk-Do Governor, Kim Kwan Yong revealed, Indonesia as a tropical country has a huge potential to be developed, especially in West Java. He recalled, South Korea was a poor country but thanks to the great role of the leader is able to make the ginseng country becomes very advanced. According to him, the figure of Governor Aher has been able to bring West Java become the most advanced province in Indonesia.

    "I am very happy to meet Aher, he is a good friend of mine, Indonesia is a great country in the tropics with great potential to develop." South Korea was poor but could rise due to the role of leader Aher also had to rise for Indonesia, "he said.

    Governor Kim also briefly discussed cooperation in agriculture. "We want to know how the management of agriculture in West Java can be very advanced, I think good cooperation in agriculture," he said.

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