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    New Entrepreneur Printing in West Java Exceeds Target


    BANDUNG - Since rolled out in 2013 by the Provincial Government of West Java (West Java Provincial Government), the printing of New Entrepreneurs (WUB) exceeds the target set of 100 thousand WUB. Until the end of 2017, West Java Provincial Government has managed to print WUB as many as 129 thousand cooperation from 13 West Java provincial and West Java Provincial and elements of Jabar Masagi.

    129 thousand WUBs from 27 cities and regencies in West Java have business ventures that vary in accordance with their respective competencies. They are trained how to be a good entrepreneurship and given easy access to finance by the West Java Provincial Government.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), after inaugurating the 1,000 WUB product title event at the Gedung Sate Bandung yard, Sunday (06/05/2018), said that Indonesia needs 5.8 million new young entrepreneurs in order to win the competition in ASEAN single market. The birth of WUB can also open up new job opportunities to reduce unemployment and promote economic growth.

    "If everything just thinking of looking for work it certainly will not be accommodated so it will be a lot of unemployment," said Aher.

    However, Aher continued, WUB printing alone is not enough. An entrepreneurship degree is required that features the work of trained products. This is in addition to promoting products, also to build a network with fellow businessmen and meet with buyers like the modern market.

    "Hopefully this will enhance the entrepreneurial competitiveness of the micro, small, medium scale and then lead to a large scale that can eventually open up jobs," Aher hopes.

    Aher optimistic it will be achieved given the era of digital economy today, technology is helping entrepreneurs to perform higher in terms of both productivity and marketing. In 2018 this marketing through e-commerce transaction value is estimated to reach Rp 144 Trillion.

    "Let's buy their products and West Java SMEs as a form of participation WUB development and loving domestic products," said Aher.

    West Java Head of Department of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises Dudi Sudradjat as the organizer said, held 1,000 WUB products to give appreciation, motivation and encourage and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit for young entrepreneurs who Give appreciation, motivation and encourage and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit for young entrepreneurs who potentially.

    "Participants of the title followed by a thousand people consisting of WUB of 13 OPD program implementers, universities, built from Banking in West Java, built from West Java Kadin and Hipmi," said Dudi.

    Since it opened at nine o'clock in the morning, it seems that many people have done transactions. Products displayed in the form of food drinks or culinary, convection, beauty services, handicraft, agribusiness, fisheries to farms.

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