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    Minister Yuddy Not Tolerate PNS Engaged in Terrorism


    BANDUNG-As reported by the Special Detachment (Densus) 88 Anti-terror police have arrested suspected terrorists ARW (40) in the Ngijo Village, Karangploso subdistrict, Malang regency, on Friday (19/2) night. ARW is a former civil servant (PNS) Malang Government, East Java.

    ARW had recorded become a civil servant at Department of Transportation, Communication and Information (Dishubkominfo) Malang Regency and had lived in Jakarta. He raided by dozens of police at his house in Perum Griya Permata Alam Block JM-7, Malang.

    It thus revealed in a press release by Assistance Team Menpa-RB received by the editorial jabarprov.go.id, Sunday (21/2).

    In a release, the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB), Yuddy Chrisnandi giving appreciation to the ranks of Densus 88 which have acted quickly.

    "Appreciation for Densus 88, which has moved quickly to catch ARW, suspected terrorists. We are a state of law, let's give the law enforcement opportunity to follow up this case," said Yuddy in Jakarta, Sunday (21/02).

    Yuddy confirmed that based on information from the field, ARW has resigned from the civil service. While the formal dismissal is currently in process.

    "We've been cross-checking, based on information from the Malang Regent as Trustees Personnel Officer (PPK), a month ago that ARW already resigned from the civil service," said Yuddy.

    Therefore, as the minister who leads the ministry in charge utilisation of state apparatus, Yuddy delivered some emphatic statements were expected to be guided by the ranks of the state apparatus.

    "Related to this incident. Firstly, we do not tolerate civil servants who are involved in terrorist networks. Secondly, we ask the Malang Regent to accelerate the dismissal process. Thirdly, the law enforcement please to follow up this case expressly in accordance with applicable laws," said yuddy.

    Furthermore, Yuddy also asked the entire leaders of the agency, especially to the regional head to be more cautious and continue to monitor civil servants in their respective area.

    "Do not be deceived. Make sure there are no civil servants involved in terrorism and other radical activities contrary to the law and government policy, and take anticipatory steps in order to detection and early prevention," he concluded.







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