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    PLN Disjabar Continues to Strengthen PDKB (Employment In Tight Situation) Team


    BANDUNG - With the spirit to further optimize the role of PDKB (Employment In Tight Situation) in improving customer convenience, PLN West Java Distribution held Bakti PDKB-TM DJB 2018 on Thursday (3/5) at Hotel Bumi Wiyata, Depok.

    This activity aims to improve the consolidation and performance of 168 personnel from 18 PDKB teams that have been on standby in 15 Area West Java Region.

    In a press release West Java PLN Public Relation, this PDKB-TM 2018 event was opened with a ceremony that led directly by the General Manager of PLN Disjabar Iwan Purwana and witnessed by Depok Vice Mayor Pradi Supriatna.

    After the release, the activity continued with the core event of Bakti PDKB-TM by performing repair and maintenance work together in a number of points that have been determined. Potential KWH that was saved in this activity reached 336,986.58 KWH or equivalent to Rp395.285.258 revenue.

    "Along with the higher expectations of customers and in accordance with the spirit of efficiency, the role of PDKB can be one strategy to optimize the continuity and speed of service so that customers do not experience blackout during maintenance," said General Manager of PLN Disjabar Iwan Purwana, Thursday (3/5) .

    On this occasion Depok Mayor of Depok gave appreciation for this activity.

    "We are from Depok City Government very grateful to PLN has deployed its special team to do maintenance of power network in Depok city We hope with good reliability of electricity network, can support economic and development in Depok city," he said.

    During 2017, the number of kWh saved by PDKB-TM PLN team was disbursed 46,850,663.20 KWH or equivalent to Rp. 48.5 Billion. While in the year 2018 until April, the number of KWH that was saved reached 12,623,770 kWh and equivalent to Rp. 13,622,909,739. Targeted PLK DJB PDKB-TM Team of 2018 can save 31,759,512 KWH.

    "Being a PDKB personnel is not easy, we still hold commitments for Zero Accident (no workplace accidents), obedient to SOP, teamwork and professionalism. Then the existence of Bakti PDKB-TM is to continue to strengthen that commitment, "said Iwan. (Jo)

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