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    Live soon! West Java Governor Election Pair Candidates Debate Second Volume


    BANDUNG - Public debate of both candidate pair of Governor and Candidate of Vice Governor of West Java in West Java Governor Election 2018 is planned to take place at Balairung Universitas Indonesia, Depok, May 14 coming from 19.30 to 22.00 WIB, duration 150 minutes.

    This was stated at the preparatory meeting of public debate of both West Java Governor Election in plenary meeting room of KPU Garut Street 11 Bandung, Wednesday (2/5).

    This public debate of the plan will be broadcast live by I-News TV, Trans Media, Trans 7, and CNN as well as live streaming CNN Indonesia.com and detik.com.

    For that activity, the support team of the pair candidate is limited to a maximum of 150 people, resulting in a total of 600 people. The committee also provides art performance stage for each  pair candidate, each 5 crew. Thus the stage fillers including 7 people paslon.

    The themes of debate raised include: environment, natural resources, energy, food, agriculture, marine, forestry, and mining.

    While the designated moderators are Annisa Dasuki and Alfito Dianova, while the drafting team remains like the first debate.

    Commissioner of West Java KPU Nina Yuningsih hopes the second public debate is more successful than the first debate.

    Attending the occasion were live media representatives as well as the fourth successful team of paslon. (Even)

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