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    Firda, Blind Girl Memorized 7 Juz Al-Qur'an


    BANDUNG - There are other touching scenes during the ceremony of national education day of West Java in Gasibu field on Wednesday (2/5/2018). A blind girl, accompanied by her teacher, approached Netty Heryawan, wife of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    Firda name of the blind girl, she was only 10 years old, currently attending SLB Al-Fitri, Cimaung, Bandung Regency.

    What amazes and wonders is Firda a hafidzoh of the Quran. Although only 7 juz that he memorized, but extraordinary because Firda a blind from birth. More touching again that Firda was born from her parents who are also blind.

    "What's going to happen to Firda when it's big?" asked Netty, not taking his hug to Firda.

    "Want to be a lecturer," said Firda softly.

    Netty Heryawan then kissed Firda many times while praying for his ideals will be achieved later.

    "For example, with her limitations, Firda was able to memorize the Quran to 7 juz, extraordinary, she said every day memorize 3 verses," Netty said.

    Netty then said it would entrust the rate of education to the Office of Education Firda to note.

    "Later I try to leave to the Office of Education, would be given a scholarship or how we will discuss," he said.

    Firda attended by wearing elementary school uniform to Gasibu because she wanted to meet with Mother Literacy, Netty Prasetyani Heryawan, and her wish was reached. (Even)

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