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    2028 Indonesia Will Carve Out International Basketball Achievement


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) is optimistic that in 2028 Indonesian basketball athletes can achieve international achievement.

    Achievement is not impossible because the coaching of young athletes has been declared this year. In addition, Indonesia will host an international basketball competition in 2023.

    "This year the coaching of West Java basketball athletes is focused on early age like elementary school students and kindergartens.Insha Allah 2028 can be world champion," Aher told reporters at Sport Center Arcamanik, Bandung, Wednesday (2/5/2018).

    He assessed that economic achievements will be directly proportional to other achievements including sports. One of them, the demographic bonus or the large number of people who can encourage the achievement.

    "We see a large number of Chinese citizens capable of delivering good sporting achievements, in addition to America and India, I think it's natural that Indonesia, including West Java, will have a good sporting achievement as well because of this demographic bonus," Aher explained.

    To realize these goals the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java in cooperation with the National Basketball Association (NBA). The cooperation includes free basketball training for teachers in the sport in West Java.

    "The NBA will teach you how to sport a good basketball sportswriter, of course, the knowledge gained will be passed on to his students," Aher added.

    "If they (NBA-ed) have been world-level and then train our gym teachers then the quality of basketball in this country will be better," said Aher.

    West Java Province previously came out as Champion PON XIX in 2016 ago. It can not be separated from the cooperation woven with several foreign trainers. The existence of such cooperation, is expected to create a better achievement is not even likely to give birth to the seeds of international class athletes from West Java.

    As for preparing athletes basketball of West Java has been working with the NBA. Expected to give birth to international-class athletes so as to contribute to the achievements of Indonesian basketball in the international arena.

    "Well for this basketball we are directly oriented directly from the NBA, it could be the next 10 years to come true, so do not wait next year should immediately coaching athletes in West Java," said Aher.

    In addition to fostering basketball athletes, West Java Provincial Government has also built a basketball sports facilities center in the Arcamanik Sport Center Bandung. In fact, the plan this year will build a sports school in the region. (jo)

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