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    Unpad Launches Distance Learning, Save Costs Up to 50%


    BANDUNG - To expand the learning service for the community, Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) presents Learning in Virtual Environment (LIVE), a learning portal that not only facilitates the regular learning of its students but provides open learning for the wider community.

    Unpad not only this year also opens Distance Learning (PJJ) for students who are geographically and the time available is not possible to conduct learning on campus Unpad.

    This program will be launched by Unpad Rector Tri Hanggono Achmad coinciding on National Education Day, Wednesday (2/5) at Excecutive Lounge Lt.2 Unpad Rector Building, Dipati Ukur Street No. 35 Bandung.

    According to the rector, the launch of PJJ is a response to the increasing number of enthusiasts from the public who want to get a higher education in Unpad.

    "The quality of learning resources in Unpad is supported by the growing resources and infrastructure of Information Technology and Communications in various regions in Indonesia, making PJJ a feasible business to be taken to improve the level of community education," he said.

    Unpad said he wanted to be part of the best practice of higher education institutions that provide PJJ services for students.

    PJJ Unpad service is a development of e-Learning services that already exist in Unpad, e-Learning service in Unpad initially preferred as a lecture supplement, now enhanced its functionalization to be able to carry out lectures distance learning. Experience of e-Learning management that had been long before, became an important provision to be able to implement this PJJ program.

    The opening of PJJ Unpad is marked by the launch of Distance Learning Master Program of Regional Innovation. This program is a multidisciplinary program covering social, political, economic, and natural sciences aspects in formulating sustainable regional development policies. PJJ and all services of Unpad online learning activities can be accessed at live.unpad.ac.id, a portal designed to provide a quality, engaging, and interactive learning experience for its users.

    In the same place, Minister of Research and Technology at Mohamad Nasir said the distance learning will ease the burden of student fee because there is no need to pay for classroom and transportation cost to campus.

    "I think the cost can be reduced by 50 percent, so this distance learning system will be implemented in all universities," he said. Jo

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