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    Bandung Customs Fails Narcotics Smuggling Through Post


    BANDUNG - Customs Supervisory and Service Office of Customs Type A of Bandung Customs succeeded in foiling the smuggling of 101 kinds of gallons of sharks or 100 ecstasy pills, and 1,000 happy five items through Bandung post office.

    Head of Regional Office of Directorate General of Customs and Excise of West Java Saifullah Nasution said the disclosure started from the suspicion officers of Post Office Bandung to two packages with Address Card number (Karal) EE038231 *** MY and EE038231 ### MY from Malaysia to Karawang.

    "Based on the x-ray results, the officer found a suspicious object in the package, then the postal officer contacted Customs to check the items contained in the two packages," Saifullah told reporters at the Bandung Customs Office recently

    After the examination use narcotest, obtained 101 grams of shabu and 100 pills of ecstasy pills in the package EE038231 *** MY. Meanwhile, on EE038231 package ### MY get 1.000 erimin 5 pills or known as happy five.

    "These items are stuffed in biscuit wrappers by these suspects," Saifullah said.

    The three men were secured in this case, namely A, L, and P, who were arrested in the Karawang area. They are recipients of goods imported from Negeri Jiran. Currently, officers are still doing the development and looking for the owner of such illicit goods.

    Saifullah added the vulnerable post office was exploited by certain individuals to enter narcotics and similar goods to Indonesia. Therefore, it will increase supervision in place of the delivery service.

    "We are still doing further development and investigation related to this case," said Saifullah

    Head of Central Management of Post Office Bandung Dodi Kusmayadi revealed this year was the third time the disclosure of narcotics smuggling through the mail package delivery. Previously, PT Pos in cooperation with Customs thwarted the delivery of narcotics from the Netherlands.

    "So for shipments from abroad did experience a more in-depth examination," explained Dodi.

    As a result of the action, the suspects are charged with Article 113 Paragraph (1) of Law Number 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics Article 59 Paragraph (1) Sub-Paragraph (d), and Article 61 Paragraph (1) Sub-Article (a) Law Number 5 Year 1997 on Psychotropic. (Even)

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