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    200 Foreign Lecturers Will Teach in Indonesia


    BANDUNG - The government will issue a licensing regulation for 200 foreign lecturers who will teach at several universities in Indonesia.

    Responding to that, Rector of Sanggha Bhuana University (USB) YPKP Asep Effendi said when viewed from the regulations of other countries is the existence of foreign lecturers can not be avoided anymore. The policy was taken to accelerate the process of growth and development of education in Indonesia.

    Another goal is to improve the competence of lecturers in the country to have international certification. Besides, it gives its own color for education in Indonesia.

    "I heard the government issued a regulation of permission to 200 foreign lecturers in Indonesia, if we look at this goal to improve the competence of our lecturers at the international level then provide international based education so that there is a culture of education patterns that are changed," said Asep told reporters on USB YPKP campus, Bandung Wednesday (2/5/2018)

    Asep assess the number of foreign lecturers who will teach in Indonesian universities is still minimal when compared with hundreds of campuses and tens of thousands of courses in Indonesia.

    However, the condition is expected to be a motivation for lecturers in the country to continue to improve the quality and expertise in teaching courses in universities.

    "So what to do is how to develop the understanding of lecturers in Indonesia to be able to follow the pattern of learning structure in the international class," said Asep.

    According to Asep, the planned arrival of hundreds of foreign lecturers will bring a positive impact on the pattern of education in Indonesia because their knowledge will be applied by lecturers in the country.

    He also appealed to the lecturers in Indonesia to always add knowledge so as to meet the criteria of the international class. For example, who now holds a S2 degree in order to continue his education at S3 level including doing research of scientific works or international journals.

    As for the manager of higher education in order to continue to develop infrastructure including the development of lecturers expertise. This is in line with government regulations that focus on creating international graduates.

    With regard to salaries to be paid to foreign lecturers. Asep claimed to be a problem in itself. For that, the government has prepared a budget of about Rp. 4 trillion to address the issue.

    "So, if this is submitted to college managers then it is impossible to be managed properly, so there should be additional funds from the government to pay foreign lecturers," he concluded. (jo)

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