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    National Education Day 2018: Not Just Students, All Compulsory Learning


    BANDUNG - Compulsory courses should not be followed only by students. All of us are obliged to learn and develop ability according to the demands of the times. Thus expressed by Aher at the commemoration of National Education Day (Hardiknas) 2018 in West Java Province Level in Gasibu Field, Bandung, Wednesday morning (2/5/18).

    "Do not say that the mandatory learning is the students, today the situation is different," said Aher.

    "All teachers in particular and all of us are generally obliged to develop, learn, develop the abilities that are done today," he continued.

    To that end, Aher invites educators to improve skills and knowledge in accordance with the demands of the times, the fourth generation of industrial revolution. Aher said, today is the most modern era of all-round technology or digital, so the ability of educators must be adjusted.

    "So the education that is prepared now is the education that is certainly compatible with the demands of the current era," he pleaded.

    National Education Day is commemorated every year, it is expected to be a driver to advance the education of Indonesia. According to Aher, education can change the future and advance the nation.

    "No country anywhere in the world has advanced, unless its progress is preceded by the presence of an educated society, students, professionals who are reliable, characterized, according to the demands of the times," he said.

    Aher added, during his leadership, the quality improvement and quantity of education in West Java is quite significant. "West Java is grateful to be associated with this educational presence of extraordinary good progress," said Aher.

    Recorded Education Participation Rate in West Java in 2008 by 48%, and in 2018 experienced a significant increase in the number 81.25%. Then, in 2008 the number of students of High School/ Vocational School or equivalent in West Java of 840,000 students and in 2018 increased sharply to 2.1 million students.

    While in terms of Human Development Index (HDI) West Java in 2008 was in position 16 of the entire province. And in 2018 IPM Jabar is in the top ten 10 positions.

    "This is all thanks to the hard work of us all, the people of West Java," said Aher.

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