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    3,000 Sports Teachers in West Java are Trained by NBA


    BANDUNG CITY- A total of 3,000 more sports teachers from around 2,000 schools in Bandung, Cirebon, and Bekasi received Basketball training from Jr. National Basketball Association (Jr. NBA). This program is to equip sports teachers with NBA training standards.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) opened a program called Tip-Off Jr. NBA Coaches Academy at Agile Leaguehouse, West Java Sport Arcamanik, Bandung Horse Race Street, Wednesday (2/5/18).

    Coach Academy Jr. The NBA is a training program to equip sports teachers with NBA basketball training or sports standards. This is expected to encourage and facilitate the participation of students from sports teachers who have attended the training. In this field training is given strengthening and body conditioning, as well as basketball education.

    The training will last for two days in each designated city, namely Bandung, Cirebon, and Bekasi from 2-7 May 2018.

    Aher said the program became a breeding opportunity for basketball athletes in Indonesia, especially in West Java.

    "This (NBA basketball training) will be an embryo to produce our students to be superior basketball players," he said in the opening.

    To that end, Aher asked the Office of Youth and Sports (Dispora) and West Java Education Department (Disdik) seriously make basketball athletes program in West Java.

    "Please make a declaration, be made seriously next year there is a basketball player nursery program." Look for the excellence of kindergarten (Kindergarten) or elementary school (elementary school), "pleaded Aher.

    According to Aher, this breeding program can give birth to a new generation of superior basketball athletes West Java, even national to international who can not compete with the world class basketball athletes NBA.

    This program is the result of cooperation of West Java Provincial Government with Academy of Trainer Jr. NBA or Jr. NBA Coaches Academy. Previous Jr. The NBA also cooperated with the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta in January 2018 and the Provincial Government of DI Yogyakarta earlier this week.

    Meanwhile, NBA Asia's Associate Vice President of Marketing Partnerships Jim Wong expressed his gratitude and appreciated the enthusiasm of the participants. He hopes to hold the same program next year in West Java.

    "We hope next year and the next years will return to the city of each father / mother and can attend our event," Jim concluded in his speech

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