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    Coffee Diplomacy Ala Aher


    NAGOYA - Quality of West Java coffee is now beginning to get a special place in the international commodity market, also a powerful weapon for the Government of West Java Province in opening relationships with abroad.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) acknowledged the superiority of coffee from West Java which has always been a compulsory souvenir during his visit abroad, responded very positively by cooperation partners.

    "I go to Japan, China, Australia, Finland, even Sweden remarkable remark," he said in Nagoya, Japan, Sunday (29/04/2018).

    According to him, the coffee diplomacy made during his time in Sweden reap a positive result because it was immediately greeted with the trade commodity trade plan there.

    "With Sweden just a MoU, direct our coffee diplomacy runs, this May there is our coffee delegate who was invited to it," he said.

    Coffee diplomacy is sustained by the quality of Java Preanger coffee is unique and best, although other delegations also often bring coffee as a souvenir for the host, West Java has its own place.

    "The other coffee is usually premium, the coffee we carry is always special, it's the highest position," he said.

    However, even though coffee diplomacy is considered to be a pure trade mark built with West Java Provincial Government, Governor Heryawan ensure the future of the acceptance of Java Preanger coffee becomes the entrance to introduce Coffee Indonesia.

    "Now we only introduce Indonesian coffee, because the brand that we carry is Indonesia's coffee brand, coffee diplomacy has many advantages besides providing economic benefits, the future of coffee drinking culture must be improved because the benefits for the community are very clear," he explained.

    While West Java Chairman of The National Council of Local Handicraft (Dekranasda) Netty Prasetyani Heryawan assess West Java provincial government's visit to open cooperation provides many advantages more than the economic side.

    Netty pointed to a visit to South Korea providing an overview of how high government and citizens there upholds social and cultural politeness can be a valuable input to local governments.

    "The Koreans are very polite.The one most precious thing is their attitude to appreciate the extraordinary teacher.How the teacher is very respected," she said.

    She also highlighted how cultural values are so strongly held by the people there even though the country is now one of the countries of the vanguard economy in Asia Pacific.

    "There is even a saying for them, born in big Jeju in Seoul, meaning born in a place that still has a pure culture and nature and then bring that cultural attitude as they develop a career or study in a big city," she said.

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