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    Aher Builds Overseas Cooperation Platform For Further Governors


    DAEGU - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) ensures that his side has built the framework of overseas cooperation for West Java Provincial Government in the future.

    The framework of foreign cooperation that was built in the form of sister province scheme that allows the whole pattern of cooperation from economy, education to agriculture can grow far and have a legal umbrella.

    This pattern begins with the signing of a letter of intent, then requests the Parliament's approval to move to a memorandum of understanding between two provincial entities, then to be more technically followed by the regional apparatus organization and relevant stakeholders.

    "I think the platform has already been formed, I am saying that it will be continued by the next governor because of the cooperation between the sisters province and all forms of economic and non economic cooperation," he said in Daegu, South Korea, Saturday (28/4/2018).

    According to this scheme fairly safe and profitable, such as will do business cooperation, then the private parties by foreign parties will be directed to private partners are credible as well as vice versa.

    "They say it could be business in us is also not professional, so when such a come to Indonesia we will say no," he said.

    Although relatively short, in the last two years Aher trace the relationship of West Java with a number of provinces or states are strong and can grow. He appoints Adelaide, South Australia, has cultural and educational cooperation. Then Shizouka, Japan, through agricultural economic cooperation and trade.

    In addition, in the African continent relations with Morocco and Sudan for trade and donations will run intense, then with Sweden for transportation to Belgium interested in agricultural products Jabar.

    "It's special and unique with Gyeongsangbuk-Do Korea, it has been ongoing and increasing since 2010," he explained.

    According to him, the cooperation that has been built must be maintained. One of them human resources in West Java must have seriousness if the existing cooperation in the form of a particular innovation.

    "For example there is the development of an orange tree outside can last longer and the production can be higher than us, something like this special to be developed in cooperation," he said.

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