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    First KJA Offshore in Indonesia is in Pangandaran


    PANGANDARAN - The first offshore floating net cage project (KJA offshore) in Indonesia was realized in Pangandaran Regency, West Java.

    KJA offshore, will be filled by white snapper seeds. With details of KJA Offshore in Pangandaran has 8 holes and each hole will be filled about 120 thousand fish seeds.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) accompanied Indonesian President Joko Widodo, inaugurating the KJA Offshore in Pangandaran. He said the presence of KJA is a process of transfer of knowledge, and transfer of technology.

    "Today we are inaugurating the offshore, offshore net cages, which we hope to be a leap of progress, a breakthrough, this is the first in Indonesia," said Jokowi, at the Port of Pangandaran Fish Catching Landing Base area.

    The KJA offshore project is financed from State Budget Expenditure 2017 of Rp. 42 billion per area. Whereas in addition to Pangandaran, similar projects are realized in Sabang, and Karimun Jawa. The budget is used to buy keramba technology and facilities from Norway.

    Related to the operation, Jokowi said that this offshore KJA will involve Village Village Cooperatives (KUD) fishermen who supply additional feed. Then the total number of people directly involved in KJA Offshore is between 215-250 people, and who are not directly involved approximately 220 people.

    "See the results later, the seeds can be more seedlings are about 1.2 million, the production can be higher that is 816 tons a year, with eight holes / keramba," said Jokowi.

    Jokowi hopes that KJA Offshore will be the embryo of double the added value of Indonesia's fishery cultivation. Therefore, Jokowi also want more and more parties involved in this offshore KJA.

    Related marketing of fish cultivation later, can export, said Jokowi, can to the Middle East, Australia, Japan. Fish exports are still in a good position.

    "Other countries have run out of fish, but we still have the opportunity to increase production again We must remember that 2/3 of our country is water, 70% our country is water, this we must remember," said Jokowi.

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