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    IKA UNPAD Holds a Candidate Debate for West Java Governor


    BANDUNG - Alumni Association (IKA) Unpad held a debate on candidates for governor and vice governor of West Java (Jabar) in Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata Hall, Wednesday (25/4).

    All pairs of candidates for governor were invited, but only three candidates were present. Namely Ridwan Kamil governor candidate number 1, Anton Charliyan vice governor candidate number 2 and Dedi Mulyadi candidate for governor candidate number 4. While there is no representative candidate of the pair number 3.

    Chairman of IKA Unpad Hikmat, in his speech said the candidates' debates were conducted to determine the vision and mission of the candidates so that it can be known by the community, especially among campus.

    The event entitled "Mimpi Mimbar Pemain Indonesia" takes the theme "Ngaruwat Keur Ngaruwat Jawa Barat". A number of panelists attended, among others, Sumber Sapta Nirwandar Former Vice Minister of Tourism, Acep Iwan Saidi, cultural observer, Chay Asdak an Ecology expert and Yusa Djuandi political science expert, and Chairman of Bem Unpad Izmu. Tina Talisa moderated the event.

    "Panelist deliberately from various scholars to ask more details related to the condition of West Java, such as environment, economy, education and tourism," said Hikmat. (Jo)

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