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    Thousand of Citizens are Welcoming Parasamya Purnakarya Nugraha Parade


    BANDUNG - Parasamya Purnakarya Nugraha (PPKN) Cup at 9:30 pm sharp arrived at Gedung Sate on Thursday (26/4). Cup brought by the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) and Mrs. Netty Heryawan was directly paraded into the Gedung Sate with Sisingaan artistry typical of Subang. Aher and Mrs. Netty went up to Sisingaan to accompany the PPKN trophy.

    Previously, the PPKN trophy had paraded with various types of vehicles from the Bandung Train Station to Gedung Sate. Along the roads bypassed by marches or parades thousands of residents greeted by the roadside, there were civil servant from each of the West Java Provincial Government Devices, school children, private employees and surrounding communities.

    Hundreds of civil servants in Gedung Sate also welcomed the arrival of the PPKN trophy the last time achieved by West Java is 29 years ago.

    After the PPKN trophy placed in a special place, the governor, the civil servant and the audience directly to the Al-Muttaqin mosque to hold prostration of gratitude for Parasamya Purnakarya Nugraha achieved. (Even)

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